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The boat "Alessandra", is equipped with items and spaces to relax, hammocks, fishing rods, snorkeling stuff, kayaks and normally you also will see dolphins.

Enjoy this unique and wonderful experience, knowing the prettiest of the Caribbean Sea and its beautiful nature in the islands of the Kuna aborigens, with their ancient civilization.

His Italian captain Rudolf Gamberoni is an excellent host, he is famous for his tasty Mediterranean cuisine, also he speaks Spanish, German, Italian and English and he will take you during the trip for paradisiacal landscapes.


Our captain, has equipped the ship according to your tastes: with deep-sea fishing equipment, fishing rods, lures and baits.

On the deck we have a a lot of space for relaxing in the shade or sun and also some hammocks, which are the bombshell of the holidays.

There is no guarantee, but the probability of finding dolphins swimming alongside "Alessandra", is very high.

The heat of the Wood fire on a deserted island with grilled fresh fish and lobsters.

We provide snorkeling stuff and fins for free and our captain will bring you to the best snorkeling spots.

Our italian Chef Rudi and Yamile will cook the best risotto, pasta, ceviche and more. Barbecue on a island or stay with Rudi in the kitchen and learn how to prepare this delicous meals.

Sail like a pirate and explore everyday new habited or inhabited islands. Meet the Kuna aborigens and be the only tourist in a Kuna town.

Last but not least, have a lot of fun and enjoy the best sailing experience in San Blas!

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You will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

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