Terms and Conditions


  • All meals, drinking water, tea and coffee
  • Accommodation on the boat
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Fishing equipment is available on most boats. Scuba diving and spearfishing is prohibited in Kuna Yala
  • All boats are equipped with proper safety gear, life jackets, emergency life raft, multiple navigation devices (electronic and manual), VHF radio, SAT Phone and GPS spot device or AIS.
  • All paperwork and standard immigration fees.


  • Kuna Yala Congresso entrance tax $20USD per person
  • Transport to/from Panama City
  • Alcoholic drinks, mixers, and snacks
  • Entry visa/fees
  • Personal property insurance


The balance will be paid in CASH to the captain the day of departure. 

REMEMBER that to enter in the Comarca Guna Yala there is a fee to be paid:

Kunas Tax: Panamanian citizens and foreign residents 8 USD ; Foreign Tourist 20 USD (New Rate starting from February 2019)


Ask for a receipt of your paid tourist tax of 20 USD per person when your shuttle from Panama City enters Guna Yala. Keep it until our arrival in Colombia! There are controls on the sea and if you cannot show it, you need to pay again.

For Tours in the other direction the captain will collect the payments on the boat and pay at the local immigration office at the same time as completing immigration.


It’s possible at any time of the year, that a trip can be delayed for security reason. Dec – Apr: Is the most common time for this to happen.

If a trip is delayed for any reason and you are no longer able to make the trip with us at the rescheduled date, we can refund your deposit.

We suggest you leave a few days leeway in your travel plans. If you do have a flight booked directly after the trip understand that there is always some risk you might not make it.


Bookings are transferable to another date or direction free of charge (1 time) if we are notified at least 10 days before departure *subject to availability.


RULES COLOMBIA: To enter Colombia you will need to be Vaccinated. If you are fully vaccinated at least 14 days before your arrival date, there are no other requirements for entry and if you are partially vaccinated or not vaccinated you will need to do an antigen test on arrival to Colombia. 

RULES PANAMA: There are currently no requirements to enter Panama. 


In general refunds will not be given for following situations:

– When guest choose not to take part to a trip already purchased

– Weather not to guest liking

– When guest are not at the stated pickup location on time and miss their departure. In this situation we will only retain the deposit amount 

The ocean and wind are unpredictable and we reserve the right to change the departure date due to bad weather or for mechanical issues if necessary. We only cancel a trip if there is a severe weather warning or if the Marin office does not give us clearance to travel.

If our trip cannot proceed on the scheduled departure date, we will reschedule in the next day/s. In that case we will contact you, explaining the delay.

We will issue a full refund, if we cancel the full trip.
If we cancel the full trip, you can also join the next departure if there is an available seat and if that works for you.

Note : By Booking the trip you accepted the terms & conditions and liability & release


You are responsible for and must take care of your own property.

Take care of your personal stuff during the transport before, and after the trip, don’t forget anything inside the vans, buses or jeep you travel with. Before leaving an island, getting on, or off the boat, make sure you have all your stuff packed and don’t forget anything on the islands.

We can’t be responsible for your personal items left behind, missing, lost or damaged.
NOTE : We strongly recommend you to get a travel-insurance policy which covers your personal items lost, damaged or stolen.


Although we help you organize transportation from Cartagena to Necocli, Necocli to Cartagena, Panama City to Carti or Carti to Panama City, all vans and boats are not a part of our services. We do our best to choose the most professional, organized and punctual providers. If some part of the trip does not go as planned, please be patient. You can contact us with any problems during the travel.

We help by giving information and helping to organize transport before and after the trip, however these extra services are not part of our tour and ultimately they are your responsibility.

We can not be held responsible for any property loss or damage during these travel with 3rd party providers. 

We do our best to keep our information up to date but 3rd party providers can change their prices from day to day. All prices are subject to last minute changes and our information may not be 100% up to date. If you see our information is not up to date please let us know.


All travelers must have their own health and travel Insurance.

Having personal insurance is not a mandatory requirement, but we strongly recommend you have a personal insurance policy to protect you.

We are an adventure company traveling in a very remote area.

We do as much as we can to avoid accidents. Our crew are trained to respond in emergency situations and look out for dangers but no matter how much we take care accidents can happen in this environment. It is still up to our travelers to exercise caution and avoid mishaps.

While it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend all travelers have their own Travel & health Insurance.

Remember that you will be traveling in remote islands. We recommend travel-insurance policy that covers loss/damage/theft of personal belongings and medical insurance that covers travel and water sports. We cannot be responsible for such incidents on the trip.

Neither the crew, owner, nor our travel agency is responsible for lost or damaged personal items or personal injury. ALL passengers should have traveler’s insurance prior to the trip.  

Note : Adventure travel has an inherent risk involved. By booking and paying for your trip you are accepting said risk and we will not be held liable.