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Our Tour

Sailing through the San Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia and vice-versa with the Alessandra, You will experience the adventure of a lifetime and the legends of the classic sailboats.

Enjoy this unique experience discovering this hidden paradise of the Caribbean sea. Our trip on the Alessandra lasts 5 days and 4 nights, visiting the best parts of the San Blas Islands Archipelago, also called the Guna Yala region.
The price for the trip is 650 USD per person or 700 USD for the New Years special tour. Included are the 3 delicious and daily changing meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner and fruits, coffee, tea, and drinking water can always be taken. Of course included is the accommodation for the nights at sea. As room types on the boat, there are double beds and single beds in three shared cabins. Snorkeling gear and fishing equipment are also available for free.
To ensure our all safety, the boat is equipped with all the safety gear required by the Colombian Port Authorities for international travel and passenger transportation: life jackets, emergency life raft, VHF radio, navigation devices, GPS spot device and SAT line.

New route – more San Blas, les seasickness

Since January 2023, we changed our route to a safer one. Now we have more time to spend at the islands while being less time in the open sea, where a lot of people get seasick.
A sailing trip to Cartagena means 35 to 40 hours in the open sea at the end of the tour and no one can enjoy the tour between these big waves.
With that change, by having the same travel time, we have four days on the islands with the new tour in contrast to three days during the old tour. This makes it possible to explore more islands, one or two indigenous communities of the kunas and relax.
We are closer to the coast and avoid most of the high waves, so everybody can enjoy every part of our pirate life.

Our Crew

Rudi Gamberoni

Our Captain

Was born in South Tyrol - Italy, in 1958.

Experience: 40 years in sailing boats.

Hobbies: Sailing, Fishing, Paragliding, Skiing.

Languages: German, Italian, Spanish, English

Yamile Vergara Torres

Captain’s Right Hand

She was born in 1981 in the beautiful country of Colombia.

Experience: 5 years with the captain at sea.

Hobbies: Cooking, Dancing and Music.

Languages: Spanish, Italian.

You will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

Phone: (+57) 312 556 3931

WhatsApp: (+507) 6031 2380


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